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About Me

I'm Beebles! I've been 3D modeling for about 5 or so years now, and I make character models and assets for VTubers and VRChat to use however they like!

Model Pricing

Model pricing works by selecting the base of your model (this will usually include basic clothing items of your design) then adding additional 3D Assets as you see fit, selecting any extra emotes you wish to add, and finally selecting what format you want it for.

You are also able to ask for an asset on it's own to add to your own model or use in any capacity.

Prices listed are minimum and
can vary based on complexity

Base Models

VROID Base$300+VROID model done by FuuLuluu
Modified VROID$360+VROID Base + mesh editing (ex: body thickening, hand swapping, etc)
Fully Custom$600+Model made from scratch in blender fully rigged.

Assets (CAN be comm'd separately)

New Outfit$200+Outfit made for a pre-existing model.
Single Asset$60+Non-rigged asset. (props, accessory, clothing, etc)
Rigged Asset$120+Rigged asset. (props, accessory, clothing, etc)

Custom Expressions

Shapekey Mix$5 
Texture Only$15 
New Shapekey$15 
Additional Mesh$25+ 


VRC Setup$100+ 
+ Custom Gestures$20+ 
+ Custom Animations$50+ 
+ Green Rating$100+ 
Material Touchup$100+ 

Skip-The-Line Fee: +50%

Contact me via Twitter or
Discord (beeblesnout#3915)

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service.

+ All payments are final. No money will be refunded unless I feel I cannot refill the request by the client. Which in that case, there will be a partial refund.
+ Payment will be upfront and in USD. Payment plans can be negotiated.

Visual references are a MUST. Turnarounds are preferred for custom model commissions. Please have a front and back view if possible before inquiring.